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Food Sensitivity and Food Allergy Profile

By : on : May 27, 2016 comments : (Comments Off on Food Sensitivity and Food Allergy Profile)

A laboratory test to rule in or rule out atopy in patients with allergy-like symptoms. ImmunoCAP provides a clinically relevant means of confirming or excluding the presence of atopic disease in patients with upper respiratory disease. These allergy-like symptoms are very difficult to differentiate. ImmunoCAP will also accurately identify specific allergen sensitivities in patients with confirmed allergy.

The technology used in ImmunoCAP is a vast improvement over earlier blood allergy testing (RAST®). In fact, ImmunoCAP has recently been cleared by the FDA to provide quantitative measurement of IgE. This means ImmunoCAP can quantitatively and accurately determine if patients are allergic and exactly what they are allergic to. A recent study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology demonstrated that ImmunoCAP is the standard for accuracy and reliability for quantitative IgE testing.



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